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I feel sorry for the Oxford post-boy. Highwaymen seem to have thought him a great target. Of course, sometimes they were after whatever money they could get, on other occasions they simply fancied a quick rifle through the mail bags. This pair of robbers, though, seem quite affable – even promising to return his money at a later date. Ah, bless. Even our criminals are a mild-mannered bunch.

Last Sunday Night the Post-Boy, carrying the Oxford Mail upwards, was stopped on this Side West-Wycombe, by two Men on foot, who robbed him of ten Shillings, which was all the Money had had, but never attempted to take the Mail; and at parting they bid him remember it was the 17th of February, for on that Day Twelvemonth they would meet him again, and return the Money.

- Oxford Journal, Saturday 23 February 1765

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